Earn Revenue by Referring People to Jaaxy

In the realm of affiliate marketing and online ventures, tools that deliver clarity and precision are invaluable.

Enter Jaaxy: not just a keyword research platform but a comprehensive toolkit that aids in uncovering profitable niches, dissecting the competition, tracking site ranks, and pinpointing available domains.

With its integration into the Wealthy Affiliate memberships, it offers an all-in-one solution for both beginners and seasoned professionals.

In this overview, we’ll first delve into how you can earn revenue by referring people to Jaaxy. Following that, we’ll explore Jaaxy’s multifaceted features and showcase how they can elevate your digital strategies

If you’re in the affiliate marketing space or simply looking for a lucrative opportunity, referring people to Jaaxy can be an excellent revenue stream. But what is Jaaxy, and how can you earn from it?

What is Jaaxy?

Jaaxy is a premier keyword research tool designed for affiliate marketers. It provides insights into keyword competitiveness, search volume, and potential profitability. With its user-friendly interface and in-depth analytics, Jaaxy has quickly become a go-to tool for many digital marketers.

Why Refer People to Jaaxy?

Recurring Revenue: Jaaxy’s affiliate program offers a commission for every person you refer. Plus, if your referrals upgrade to a premium account, you earn even more!

  • High Demand: With the continuous growth of online businesses and digital marketing, keyword research tools like Jaaxy are in high demand.

  • Credibility: Jaaxy is known for its accurate results and comprehensive reports, making it easier to recommend.
How to Get Started:
  • Sign Up: Join Jaaxy’s affiliate program. It’s free, and you’ll get access to promotional materials and tracking tools.
  • Promote: Share your unique affiliate link on your blog, YouTube channel, social media, email newsletters, or any platform you use.
  • Earn: Every time someone signs up through your link and makes a purchase; you earn a commission. Track your earnings and performance through the affiliate dashboard.

Tips for Successful Referrals:

  • Educate: Offer tutorials, webinars, or write-ups showcasing how Jaaxy works and its benefits.
  • Provide Value: Instead of just promoting Jaaxy, give your audience tips on keyword research and SEO. This will position you as an expert, making your recommendations more trustworthy.
  • Stay Updated: Jaaxy often releases new features and updates. Stay informed so you can inform your audience.

Referring people to Jaaxy is more than just an earning opportunity. It’s about introducing them to a tool that can genuinely help grow their online presence. When they succeed, you succeed. Start referring today and watch both your revenue and network grow!

Steps to Earn Revenue by Referring People to Jaaxy:

You can make money by adding your affiliate link and the Jaaxy Search Plugin on your website to get traffic to Jaxxy and get paid. 

1. Secure Your Affiliate Links:



(Note: You will get a set like the examples below, but they will have your unique affiliate link.

  • Action: Obtain the Jaaxy Search Plugin.

Tip: This plugin lets website visitors conduct preliminary keyword research directly from your site.

2. Integrate on Your Website:
  • Action: Embed your affiliate link within the content. This can be in blog posts, reviews, or any mention of Jaaxy.

  • Action: Implement the Jaaxy Search Plugin on your website.

Note: Proper integration offers value to visitors, enhancing the chance of conversions.

3. Drive Traffic and Convert:
  • Action: Boost your website’s traffic using SEO strategies, creating engaging content, and promoting on social media.
  • Action: Monitor sign-ups and usage. As more people utilize Jaaxy through your referral, commissions roll in.

Key Takeaway: Attracting visitors is just one part of the equation. Providing genuine insights and showcasing the real benefits of Jaaxy can build trust. When audiences see the value, they’re more inclined to sign up, amplifying your revenue in the process.

Finding Jaaxy Training: Inside Jaaxy and on Wealthy Affiliate

In our exploration of Jaaxy training, we’ll be diving into two main areas. First, we’ll look into the Wealthy Affiliate platform, which seamlessly integrates Jaaxy and offers comprehensive training tailored for its members. This gives an all-rounded view of how Jaaxy functions within the broader framework of affiliate marketing and website optimization. Following that, we’ll shift our focus directly to Jaaxy, guiding you through the platform’s built-in training resources. This ensures you gain mastery over every facet of the tool, maximizing its potential for your online ventures.

Training on Jaaxy within Wealthy Affiliate

  • Training Tab: Once you’re logged into Wealthy Affiliate, look for the “Training” tab.

  • Jaaxy Training Access: Training specific to Jaaxy begins at LEVEL 2 of the Wealthy Affiliate Core Training modules. Note that this level and certain other advanced modules are accessible to those with a Premium or Premium Plus membership.

  • Free Trial Benefits: If you’re starting with the free trial of Wealthy Affiliate, you have access to
    • Jaaxy Starter (free)
    • 30 Keyword Searches
    • Affiliate Program Search

  • Classrooms: Inside the “Training” tab, there’s a section labeled “Classrooms.” This houses training materials sorted by topic, like SEO, content creation, and more.

  • Live Webinars: Wealthy Affiliate conducts weekly live training webinars. These are recorded, so you can always catch up later if you miss one.

  • Community Assistance: The Wealthy Affiliate community is active and helpful. If you have questions or need clarification on a topic, you can post, and other members or even the founders often provide answers.

For a detailed breakdown of the features and benefits of each Wealthy Affiliate membership tier ( including FREE Starter Membership), check out these detailed comparison charts.

Jaxxy Traning Inside Jaaxy

3 Bonuses:

4 Training Videos :

  • Jaaxy Keyword Research & Management
  • Jaaxy Website Research and Analysis
  • Niche Research Refinement
  • The Affiliate Program Walkthrough

Matching Jaaxy Tiers with Wealthy Affiliate Memberships

Within the Wealthy Affiliate ecosystem, each membership tier grants access to a specific Jaaxy level:

Rocket image Wealthy Affiliate Free Starter:

  • Jaaxy Acess: This includes Jaaxy Starter (free)

  • Benefits: This package gives newcomers a taste of what’s available, allowing them to conduct a set number of keyword searches, understand competition, and see potential traffic.

  • Perfect For: Beginners who are testing the waters of affiliate marketing and keyword research.

Wealthy Affiliate Premium: This includes Jaaxy Lite, which is valued at $19/month,

  • Jaaxy Access: Offers unlimited keyword searches, analysis of competition, keyword list management, and more.

  • Benefits: Apart from Jaaxy, members enjoy interactive training, website hosting for multiple sites, and enhanced website security and backup.

  • Perfect For: Serious affiliate marketers who need comprehensive tools and training to grow their business.

Blue circle with gold crown in center Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plus: This includes Jaaxy Enterprise, a tool that is valued at $99/month.

  • Jaaxy Access: Includes Jaaxy Enterprise with faster research speeds, instant QSR (competition) analysis, and multi-threaded search functionalities.

  • Benefits: This tier provides hosting for up to 10 websites, expert classes, and increased live chat and support.

  • Perfect For: Affiliate marketers aiming for scalability and in-depth analysis.

Yellow circle with black crown and yellow square Premium Plus + A Dedicated Server Membership

All Premium Plus Features

All-in-One Solution: With Jaaxy integrated, users don’t need to juggle between platforms. This offers a time-efficient and convenient way to handle keyword research alongside other affiliate marketing tasks.

Cost-Effective: Buying tools separately can be expensive. Wealthy Affiliate memberships offer a bundled solution that provides substantial savings in the long run.

Community and Support: Being a part of the Wealthy Affiliate community means instant access to a global network of affiliate marketers, along with top-tier support for any issues or queries.

Whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned affiliate marketer, there’s a Wealthy Affiliate membership tailored to your needs. With Jaaxy’s integration, the platform becomes an indispensable tool for success in the competitive world of affiliate marketing.

In the following section, we’ll delve deeper into the research capabilities and features that each Jaaxy tier offers.

Rocket imageFree Starter Account:

Premium Membership:

Blue circle with gold crown in center Premium Plus Membership

Yellow circle with black crown and yellow squarePremium Plus + A Dedicated Server Membership

  • All Premium Plus Features

Jaaxy Unveiled: More Than Just Keywords

Unlocking the Power of Jaaxy

Venturing deeper into Jaaxy’s capabilities reveals a universe of possibilities for digital enthusiasts.

It’s not just about keywords; it’s about identifying untapped niches, understanding formidable competition, tracking your site’s rank, and even securing that perfect domain name.

This comprehensive toolkit is a game-changer for affiliate marketers and online entrepreneurs. Let’s delve into these standout features to understand how they can supercharge your online strategies.

Highlights of Jaaxy’s Key Features:

Niche Discovery:

  • Purpose: Helps users identify profitable niches within the vast online market.

  • Benefit: It takes the guesswork out of niche selection, enabling users to focus on areas with genuine potential for revenue and growth.

  • Highlight: With Jaaxy’s data-driven approach, you can find low-competition niches that have a significant audience, giving you a competitive edge.

Competition Analysis:

  • Purpose: Delve deep into your competition’s strategies, understanding which keywords they rank for.

  • Benefit: Gives you a roadmap to outrank competitors by identifying gaps in their strategies or areas where they’re underperforming.

  • Highlight: Jaaxy’s QSR (Quoted Search Results) feature tells you the number of competing websites ranked in Google for a specific keyword, allowing for strategic decision-making.

Site Rank:

  • Purpose: Monitor and track your website’s ranking for specific keywords over time.

  • Benefit: Stay informed about your SEO progress. If rankings drop, it can serve as an alert to re-evaluate your strategies.

  • Highlight: You can set up tracking for multiple keywords, making it easier to see which SEO efforts are paying off and which need adjustments.

Domain Availability:

  • Purpose: Check the availability of domains related to specific keywords in real-time.

  • Benefit: Essential for those looking to start a niche website or aiming to purchase high-potential domains.

  • Highlight: Jaaxy not only checks for .com, .net, and .org extensions, but also instantly tells you if a domain is available for purchase, streamlining the domain acquisition process.

Jaaxy is more than just a keyword research tool.

Its comprehensive suite of features, from niche discovery to domain availability checks, offers a holistic approach to online marketing.

Whether you’re brainstorming a new venture or optimizing an existing one, Jaaxy provides the insights you need to navigate the digital landscape with confidence.

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