Earn Revenue by Referring People to Jaaxy

Earn Revenue by Referring People to Jaaxy

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In affiliate marketing, leveraging the right tools is crucial, and Jaaxy is a standout choice. Jaaxy’s comprehensive capabilities in keyword research, niche discovery, competition analysis, SEO monitoring, and domain search make it a valuable tool in affiliate marketing.

In this post, you’ll find valuable insights on maximizing your earnings through Jaaxy’s referral program. We start with what is Jaaxy, then get into Jaaxy’s key features. Next, we go over Jaaxy and the Wealthy Affilaite site domain. Followed by Jaaxy’s affiliate program and how to get started. Next, we review the steps to earn revenue by referring people to Jaaxy. Followed by how to access Jaaxy training.

Finally, Jaaxy is included in Wealthy Affiliate membership; we will clarify how Jaaxy’s different membership tiers align with Wealthy Affiliate memberships. This information will help you understand the benefits you can access based on your membership level in both Jaaxy and Wealthy Affiliate.

Affiliate Disclaimer: I’m an affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate, Jaaxy, and SiteRubix, meaning I may earn a commission if you use their service through my links.

Table of Contents

Let’s start by exploring exactly what Jaaxy is and how it stands out in affiliate marketing tools.

What is Jaaxy?

Jaaxy is a comprehensive keyword research and analysis tool for affiliate marketers and online entrepreneurs.

It offers a range of powerful features, including:

  • Keyword Research: Jaaxy helps users discover valuable keywords with high search traffic and low competition, essential for effective SEO.
  • Niche Discovery: It assists in uncovering profitable niches, allowing marketers to focus their efforts on areas with potential.
  • SEO Analysis: Jaaxy provides insights into competitors’ rankings and strategies, aiding in optimizing website content for better search engine performance.
  • Domain Search: Jaaxy’s Domain Search feature enables users to easily find, purchase, and manage domain names directly within the platform. This streamlined process simplifies the acquisition of valuable online real estate.
    • Note: When you buy and manage domains through Jaaxy, it seamlessly integrates with Wealthy Affiliate’s SiteDomains platform, providing additional benefits and convenience for users.

Now that we understand what Jaaxy is, let’s dig into the key features that make it an indispensable tool for marketers.

Jaaxy’s Key Features
Keyword Research:

What it is: Keyword Research in Jaaxy involves identifying and evaluating search terms people use on search engines. It provides data on the popularity and competition level of keywords.

Why it matters: Effective keyword research is the foundation of successful SEO and content marketing. It helps you understand what your target audience is searching for and allows you to optimize your content to rank higher in search results.

Relevance: Keyword Research in Jaaxy lets you discover your niche’s most relevant and high-performing keywords, ensuring your content is visible to your target audience. It’s a crucial step in driving organic traffic to your website.


  • Brainstorm: Jaaxy’s brainstorming tool generates keyword ideas tailored to your niche by analyzing popular search queries related to your topic. It helps you discover fresh and relevant keyword ideas.
  • Alphabet Soup: This tool offers keyword variations by adding the alphabet to your initial query. It helps you find long-tail keywords and unique search phrases that may have lower competition.
  • Saved Lists: Organize and save your keyword lists for future use and reference. This feature enables efficient management of your keyword research data.
  • Search Analysis: Assesses the competitiveness of specific keywords by providing data on metrics such as competition levels, traffic potential, and the likelihood of ranking in search engines. This information guides data-driven decision-making for your content and SEO strategies, ensuring you target the most promising keywords.
Niche Discovery :

What it is: Jaaxy’s Niche Discovery tool helps users identify profitable niches by analyzing trends, search volumes, and competition.

Why it matters: Effective niche discovery is essential for targeting the right audience and finding lucrative opportunities in online business.

Relevance: This tool is invaluable for beginners and experienced marketers, guiding them to discover profitable niches and make informed decisions for their online ventures.


  • Brainstorm: Jaaxy’s brainstorming tool generates niche ideas tailored to your niche by analyzing popular trends and queries related to your topic. It helps you discover fresh and profitable niche opportunities.
  • Alphabet Soup: This tool provides variations of your niche by adding the alphabet to your initial query. It helps you find unique niche ideas and subtopics that may have lower competition.
  • Saved Lists: Organize and save your niche lists for future reference. This feature enables efficient management of your niche research data.
  • Search Analysis: Assesses the competitiveness of specific niches by providing data on metrics such as competition levels, search volume, and potential for success. This information guides data-driven decision-making for online business strategies, ensuring you target the most promising niches.

What it is: Jaaxy’s Competition Analysis tool provides comprehensive insights into competitors’ rankings and strategies.

Why it matters: It’s essential for optimizing website content, improving search engine performance, and gaining an edge in the online landscape.

Relevance: Users can track their website’s ranking, analyze competitors’ backlinks, discover high-performing keywords, and assess keyword quality using metrics like QSR. This data-driven approach empowers marketers to make informed SEO decisions and outperform competitors in the digital space.


  • Competition Analysis: Analyze your SEO competition comprehensively. You can gain insights into why their websites rank well, including details on their content structure, meta tags, content quality/length, backlinks, and ad placements. It provides valuable data that gives you a competitive edge.
  • Reverse Engineer: With this feature, you can reverse engineer successful websites within your niche. It provides information on keyword density, meta tags, Alexa rank, content insights, and backlink insights. This data is crucial for understanding what makes a website successful.
  • Different Search Engines: Jaaxy enables you to analyze rankings across various search engines efficiently. It helps you understand the ranking factors and algorithms used by search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

These tools provide valuable insights for informed SEO decisions that can help you gain a competitive edge.


What it is: Jaaxy’s SiteRank tool offers real-time insights into your website’s rankings on Google, Bing, and Yahoo for tracked keywords.

Why it matters: SiteRank helps you monitor your website’s performance in search results.

Relevance: You can set up automated ranking tracking campaigns, monitor competitors’ rankings, and assess the effectiveness of SEO activities.


  • Automated Ranking Tracking Campaigns: Set up automated campaigns to track your website’s rankings for specific keywords.
  • Competitor Tracking: Monitor your competitors’ rankings to understand their performance in search results.
  • SEO Testing: Use SiteRank to test the effectiveness of various SEO activities and strategies.
  • Historical Tracking: Access historical ranking data with tracking graphs to observe your website’s ranking trends.

SiteRank empowers you to make informed SEO decisions and improve your website’s search engine performance.


What it is: Find available .com, .org, and .net domains associated with specific keywords. It checks about 90 domains per search, making it a quick and efficient way to discover valuable domains.

Why it matters: This feature is essential for individuals and businesses looking to secure relevant and high-value domain names for their websites. A strong domain portfolio can be as valuable as real estate in the online world.

Relevance: Whether you’re an affiliate marketer, local business owner, or online entrepreneur, Domain Search enables you to identify and acquire domain assets that align with your niche and marketing goals.


  • Jaaxy’s integration with the SiteDomains platform at Wealthy Affiliate allows for instant domain purchases and offers free whois, security, email, and next-year price protection.

Beyond tracking, another crucial aspect is choosing the right domain. Let’s see how Jaaxy simplifies this process.

Jaaxy and Wealthy Affiliate Site Domain

With Jaaxy’s integration into Wealthy Affiliate’s SiteDomains platform, the process from domain research to ownership is seamless. Users can quickly transition from researching potential domains to purchasing them within seconds.

What sets Wealthy Affiliate apart is that it offers free whois, security, email, and next-year price protection with all domain purchases, making it a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for domain management.

Jaaxy Main Tool Bar

  • Enter the Keyword into the search box.

For this example, I typed in the role of social proof in affiliate marketing.

  • Click “Find Keywords.
  • Click on the (.com,.net, etc, or “Find More”) link.

This takes you to Wealthy Affiliate Site Domains.

Seamlessly brought to Wealthy Affilaite Site Domain:
Fast and Easy 4-Step Process ~

Clear and transparent pricing, no upsells.

  1. My Cart
  2. Domain Pricing
  3. Your Contact Email
  4. Choose Payment Method


  • The price of a domain name varies based on factors such as: Where you purchase it, the type of top-level domain (e.g., .com, .net), renewal fees, privacy protection, and whether you’re buying a domain already registered. Additionally, purchasing multiple domain names may affect the overall cost.
  • Other domain registrars charge extra and call them “add-ons” for :
    • Email accounts
    • WHOIS protection
    • Domain security
    • DNS management
Wealthy Affiliate includes them at no extra cost :
ZERO Upsells: Everything is included all in one place…at ONE price.

Powerful Domain Search:

  • Instantly uncover domains.
  • Access .com, .net, .org, and more.
  • Zero upsells, everything included.

Security and Privacy:

  • Default privacy protection.
  • Additional security layers.
  • Protects from spam and solicitation.

Simplified Setup:

  • Quick domain activation.
  • No complex settings.
  • Start building within minutes.

Everything Included:

  • Premium membership covers all features.
  • Email accounts, WHOIS protection, domain security, and DNS management.
  • Affordable and predictable pricing.

Wealthy Affiliate includes, at no extra cost, features that other domain registers charge you extra.

~~> A Domain Experience Has Never Been This Seamless

  • Get all the details: ZERO Upsells: Everything is included in one place…at ONE price.
  • Check out: Compare WA Domains to the Industry chart.

Wealthy Affiliate’s comprehensive chart: A detailed comparison of what each membership tier offers.

[🔗 Upgrade Detailed Comparison]

SiteDomain dashboard:

Domain management at a glance.

Domains Registered at WA

  • Domain Name
  • Hosting ( Ready / Live)
  • Privacy ( On / Off)
  • Expiration Date
  • Renewal ( Auto-Renew On/ Off)


Drop-down menu:

  • Name Servers
  • Contact & Privacy
  • Redirect
  • FTP Acess
  • Renew
  • Payment Preference
  • Transfer Domain

Add Subdomain (Button)

Transfer a Domain to WA (Button)

Wealthy Affilaite Site Domain:

Sign in to Wealthy Affiliate

Not a member yet ~ Take a FREE 7-DAY Test Drive ( no credit card required)

Wealthy Affiliate “Home”
  • Click on “Websites”
  • Site Manager
  • Site Builder
  • Site Domains
  • Site Content
  • Site Comments
  • Site Feedback
  • Site Support
  • Click on “Site Domains”

Next, Let’s explore Jaaxy’s affiliate program and its earning potential.

Jaaxy’s Affiliate Program

Earn: Every time someone signs up through your link, you earn a commission. Track your earnings and performance through the affiliate dashboard.

You earn $20 Monthly 

Blue box, blue letrers.
You earn $200 Yearly 

Blue box, blue letters
You earn $40 Monthly 

Blue box, blue writing
You earn $400 Yearly 

Blue box, blue writing

Recurring Revenue:

Jaaxy’s affiliate program offers a commission for every person you refer. You earn even more if your referrals upgrade to a premium account!

Jaaxy Main Menu


Click on Affiliate Program ( top row)


Click on Program Details


Click on My Stats:

  • Clicks, Referrals, Sales
  • Your Next Paycheck
  • Pending Approval
  • Stats Past 30 Days
  • Revenue Past 30 Days
  • Revenue Lately
  • Payment Details
  • Commissions / Payout History

Links & Tracking

  • Your Affiliate Link
  • Upgrade Page
  • Keyword Research Page
  • Jaaxy Plugin

Interested in the affiliate program? Here are the steps to get started and make the most of Jaaxy.

How to Get Started Jaaxy Affiliate Program
  • Not a member?
  • Sign Up: It’s free to join; you get 30 Searches Free, and no credit card is required.

Share your unique affiliate link ( here are a few)

  • Your Website or Blog: Write detailed reviews, tutorials, or how-to guides related to Jaaxy and SEO.
  • Social Media Platforms: Share tips, insights, and your personal experiences with Jaaxy on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.
  • YouTube: Create tutorial videos, reviews, or vlogs about using Jaaxy effectively.
  • Email Newsletters: Share Jaaxy updates, tips, and affiliate links with your email subscribers.
  • Online Forums and Communities: Participate in discussions on platforms like Reddit or Quora, where affiliate marketing or SEO are topics of interest.
  • Webinars or Online Workshops: Host or participate in educational sessions about SEO and keyword research, introducing Jaaxy as a tool.
  • Paid Advertising: Use Google Ads or social media advertising to target audiences interested in SEO tools.
  • Affiliate Networks and Listings: List your affiliate link on affiliate marketing websites or directories.
  • Guest Posts or Collaborations: Write guest posts for other blogs in the SEO or affiliate marketing niche, or collaborate with influencers in the field.


  • It’s crucial to research and understand the rules and regulations of each platform where you plan to promote Jaaxy.
    • Different platforms have specific guidelines about affiliate marketing and advertising.
    • Violating these rules can lead to penalties, including account suspension.
    • Always ensure your promotion strategies comply with your platforms’ terms of service and advertising policies.
  • And follow the best affiliate marketing practices, ensuring transparency and providing genuine value to your audience.
Tips for Successful Referrals:
  • Educate: Offer tutorials, webinars, or write-ups showcasing how Jaaxy works and its benefits.
  • Provide Value: Instead of promoting Jaaxy, give your audience keyword research and SEO tips. This will position you as an expert, making your recommendations more trustworthy.
  • Stay Updated: Jaaxy often releases new features and updates. Stay informed so you can inform your audience.

Referring people to Jaaxy is more than just an earning opportunity. It’s about introducing them to a tool to help grow their online presence. When they succeed, you succeed. Start referring today and watch both your revenue and network grow!

Now you know how to get started in the affiliate program, let’s get into steps to earn revenue by referrals.

Steps to Earn Revenue by Referring People to Jaaxy

You can make money by adding your affiliate link and the Jaaxy Search Plugin on your website to get traffic to Jaaxy and get paid. 

Wealthy Affiliate:
From the main menu, click “Research,” then click “Keyword Search, “ which brings you to the Jaaxy Home Page.

From the main menu bar, click on “Affiliate Program” on the top row.

(Note: You will get a set like the examples below, but they will have your unique affiliate link.

Your Affiliate Link ( showing your unique affiliate link) View More Links

  • Click on ” View More Links:

Earn money with Jaaxy

This gives you access to your unique links:

  • Your Affiliate Link
  • Upgrade Page
  • Keyword Research Page
  • Obtain the Jaaxy Search Plugin

Main Menu:


Click on Links & Tracking to get the Jaaxy plugin.

Tip: This plugin lets website visitors conduct preliminary keyword research directly from your site.

2. Integrate on Your Website:
  • Embed your affiliate link within the content. This can be in blog posts, reviews, or any mention of Jaaxy.
  • Implement the Jaaxy Search Plugin on your website.
Note: Proper integration offers value to visitors, enhancing the chance of conversions.

Incorporating a plugin from the Jaaxy Affiliate Program into your website means ensuring it works smoothly with your site’s existing setup.

This involves installing the plugin and fine-tuning its features to match your website’s needs.

  • The key is ensuring the plugin enhances visitors’ experience without causing technical issues.
  • A well-integrated plugin should feel like a natural part of your website, helping to convert your visitors into customers or users effectively.
  • The focus is on practicality and functionality, ensuring the plugin adds real value to your site.
3. Drive Traffic and Convert:
  • Boost your website’s traffic using SEO strategies, creating engaging content, and promoting on social media.
  • Monitor sign-ups and usage. As more people utilize Jaaxy through your referral, commissions roll in.

Key Takeaway: Attracting visitors is just one part of the equation. Providing genuine insights and showcasing the real benefits of Jaaxy can build trust. Audiences who see the value are more inclined to sign up, amplifying your revenue.

Once you’ve begun, it’s important to stay informed. Let’s look at where you can find training for Jaaxy.

Finding Jaaxy Training: Inside Jaaxy and on Wealthy Affiliate

Exploring Jaaxy training, we’ll dig into two main areas.

First, we’ll look into the Wealthy Affiliate platform, which seamlessly integrates Jaaxy and offers comprehensive training tailored for its members. This gives an all-rounded view of how Jaaxy functions within the broader framework of affiliate marketing and website optimization.

Following that, we’ll shift our focus to Jaaxy, guiding you through the platform’s built-in training resources. This ensures you gain mastery over every facet of the tool, maximizing its potential for your online ventures.

Training on Jaaxy within Wealthy Affiliate:
  • Hubs ( New Training) Platform:
  • Live Webinars:
    • Wealthy Affiliate conducts weekly live training webinars. These are recorded, so you can always catch up later if you miss one.
  • Community Assistance:
    • The Wealthy Affiliate community is active and helpful. If you have questions or need clarification on a topic, you can post, and other members or even the founders often provide answers.

For a detailed breakdown of the features and benefits of each Wealthy Affiliate membership tier ( including FREE Starter Membership), check out these detailed comparison charts.

[🔗 Detailed Comparison]

Jaaxy Traning Inside Jaaxy:

Jaaxy Main Meny

Click on “Jaaxy Help”

3 Bonuses:


  • Bonus #1: 1,000 High Trafic, Low Competition Keywords
  • Bonus #2: Niche, Keywords, Success
  • Bonus #3: Domain Industry Secrets

4 Training Videos :

  • Jaaxy Keyword Research & Management
  • Jaaxy Website Research and Analysis
  • Niche Research Refinement
  • The Affiliate Program Walkthrough

Understanding Jaaxy’s training leads us to the next important aspect: matching Jaaxy tiers with Wealthy Affiliate memberships.

Matching Jaaxy Tiers with Wealthy Affiliate Memberships

Within the Wealthy Affiliate, each membership tier grants access to a specific Jaaxy level:

Wealthy Affiliate Free Starter:

  • Jaaxy Acess: This includes Jaaxy Starter (free)
  • Benefits: This package gives newcomers a taste of what’s available, allowing them to conduct several keyword searches, understand competition, and see potential traffic.
  • Perfect For: Beginners who are testing the waters of affiliate marketing and keyword research.

Wealthy Affiliate Premium:

  • Jaaxy Access: This includes Jaaxy Lite, which is valued at $19/month,
  • Benefits: Unlimited keyword searches, competition analysis, keyword list management, and more.
  • Perfect For: Serious affiliate marketers who need comprehensive tools and training to grow their business.

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plus:

  • Jaaxy Access: This includes Jaaxy Enterprise, a tool valued at $99/month.
  • Benefits: Includes Jaaxy Enterprise with faster research speeds, instant QSR (competition) analysis, and multi-threaded search functionalities.
  • Perfect For: Affiliate marketers aiming for scalability and in-depth analysis.

Premium Plus + A Dedicated Server Membership:

A dedicated server membership + all the premium plus features

All-in-One Solution: With Jaaxy integrated, users don’t need to juggle between platforms. This offers a time-efficient and convenient way to handle keyword research alongside other affiliate marketing tasks.

Cost-Effective: Buying tools separately can be expensive. Wealthy Affiliate memberships offer a bundled solution that provides substantial savings in the long run.

Community and Support: Being part of the Wealthy Affiliate community means instant access to a global network of affiliate marketers and top-tier support for any issues or queries.

Whether you’re just starting or a seasoned affiliate marketer, a Wealthy Affiliate membership is tailored to your needs. With Jaaxy’s integration, the platform becomes an indispensable tool for success in the competitive world of affiliate marketing.

In the following section, we’ll delve deeper into the research capabilities and features that each Jaaxy tier offers.

Note: In Wealthy Affilaite, Jaaxy is under “Research”

Rocket image

Free Starter Account:
Free Starter Account

Black magnify glass, List: Blue check mark Jaaxy Starter (free), blue check mark 30 Keyword Searches, blue check mark Affiliate Program Search.

Premium Membership:
Black magnify glass Research in bold black letters. A list each line has a purple diamond. 
Jaaxy Lite ($19/m value)
Unlimited Keyword Searches
Manual Competition Analysis
Keyword Idea Generation (390 results)
2x Multi-Threaded Search
2,000 SiteRank Analysis Scans
Domain Availability Search
Enhanced Affiliate Program Search
Communicate with Merchants

Blue circle with gold crown in center

Premium Plus Membership

Yellow circle with black crown and yellow square

Premium Plus + A Dedicated Server Membership
  • A dedicated server membership + all premium plus features.

Its comprehensive features, from niche discovery to domain availability checks, offer a holistic approach to online marketing.

Whether brainstorming a new venture or optimizing an existing one, Jaaxy provides the insights you need to navigate the digital landscape confidently.


We’ve explored various aspects, including what Jaaxy is, its key features, integration with Wealthy Affiliate, the Affiliate Program, getting started, referral strategies, Jaaxy training, and aligning Jaaxy tiers with Wealthy Affiliate memberships.

Ready to explore the possibilities of increasing your revenue?

Get started with Sign Up & Get 30 Searches Free! , no credit card is required.

Further Reading
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: What is Jaaxy, and why is it unique in affiliate marketing?
A1: Jaaxy is the only keyword and research platform developed specifically for affiliate marketers. It simplifies complex processes like keyword and competition research, making it an essential tool for efficiently managing keyword, website, competition, and market research in the affiliate marketing domain​​.

Q2: How does Jaaxy’s Keyword Research Tool benefit SEO and PPC campaigns?
A2: Jaaxy’s Keyword Research Tool enables users to discover unique, high-traffic, low-competition keywords. This tool is crucial for driving SEO and PPC campaigns to new heights, providing accurate traffic, competition, and domain insights for billions of keywords​​.

Q3: What makes Jaaxy powerful for niche discovery?
A3: Jaaxy provides access to platforms like Brainstorm, Affiliate Search, and Alphabet Soup, offering deep insights into millions of niches, many with little to no competition. This feature is invaluable for exploring new business ideas and digging deeper into existing niches, making Jaaxy a versatile tool for niche research​​.

Q4: How does Jaaxy assist in competition analysis?
A4: Jaaxy allows users to analyze their competitors by providing data on why and where their websites rank, including insights into the content structure, meta tags, content quality, backlinks, and ad placements. This competitive intelligence gives users an edge by understanding and outmaneuvering their competition​​.

Q5: What is SiteRank, and how does it aid in SEO?
A5: SiteRank is a feature exclusive to Jaaxy that tracks website rankings in Google, Yahoo, and Bing. It allows users to monitor ranking fluctuations and automatically notifies them of ranking achievements, making it a vital tool for SEO tracking and strategy for affiliate marketers, bloggers, and online merchants​​.

Q6: How does Jaaxy’s Domain Search feature add value to domain selection?
A6: Jaaxy’s Domain Search feature helps users uncover high-quality .com, .net, and .org domains linked to specific keywords or local marketing searches. This tool is crucial for securing valuable online real estate, as high-quality, brandable domain names are rare and exclusive​​.

Q7: Do Jaaxy and Wealthy Affiliate offer free trials?
A7: Yes, Jaaxy provides 30 free searches upon sign-up, allowing users to experience its capabilities. Similarly, Wealthy Affiliate offers a FREE 7-Day Test Drive. Both these trials are risk-free and do not require a credit card, making them accessible for users to try out the services without any commitment.

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