Earn Revenue by Referring People to Jaaxy

Today I want to talk about Jaxxy and how you can earn consistent revenue by sending others to the community. 

I want to give you the information up front, so the first thing we’ll look at is the comparison chart of the different memberships, then how much you could earn with Jaxxy.  Next, we’ll go over where to find the affiliate link and the Jaxxy Seerach PlugIn you can use to get traffic to Jaxxy and get paid.  Finally, if you’re interested in more ways to make money, I will show you an opportunity to not only Earn As You Learn, but also how to create and build your own online business.

Let’s get started:

A comparison chart of the four memberships:
 A breakdown of what YOU COULD earn by referring people to Jaxxy:
How can you make money with Jaxxy? 

You can make money by adding your affiliate link and the Jaaxy Search Plugin on your website to get traffic to Jaxxy and get paid. 

 Where to find your affiliate link?

Click on > ” Affiliate Program”

Examples: You will get a set like the ones below, but they will have your unique affiliate link.

Click on> “View More Links.”

Jaaxy Affiliate Links

You also have a Jaaxy Search Plugin to use to earn money by copying your code on your website & send traffic to JAAXY.com.

Jaxxy Search Plugin

It is that simple:

1. Grab your affiliate link and or your Jaaxy Search Plugin

2. Put them on your website 

3. Get traffic to Jaxxy and make money

Want to know more about Jaxxy?

Jaxxy ~ The World’s Most Advanced Keyword Tool!

Jaxxy, The Worlds Most Advanced Keyword Tool

Take a look inside!

Are you looking for more ways to earn money?
You can Earn As You Learn by referring people to Wealthy Affiliate,
Are you already a Wealthy Affiliate Premium or Premium Plus member? >>>> Jaxxy is included in your membership!
You can Earn Revenue by referring people to Jaxxy & Earn As You Learn by referring people to Wealthy Affiliate.
Want to learn more?

Marketing with Kerri is a site I created to help people navigate through all the Schemes and Scams out there and find their path to success online. I am here to help you, whether you decide to join Jaxxy or Wealthy Affilaite or not. I want to say thank you for your time and good luck.  If you have any questions, please let me know.

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